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Potzernitz Harness & Saddlery

My grandfather, Steve Potzerntiz, became an apprentice in 1900 at the age of twelve in Hungary . After arriving in Los Angeles in 1922, he found work with Brydon Bros. and then Lichtenberger Ferguson Co. He moved his family  to Fresno in 1933, where he went to work for A. D.Colliver & Son.In 1938 Steve's son, Joe, also went to  work in the shop. Returning to work after his service as a Navy Pilot  in World War II, Joe and his father purchased the business in 1946,  they named it, Potzernitz and Sons. But, over the years customers would say, "Take it to Steve he'll know what to do.", so the name changed to Steve's Saddle Shop. As is the case in a family business, all of the Potzernitzs' worked in the saddle shop at one time or another.  In 1958, I began by washing windows, cleaning saddles and harness, and sweeping the floors, all the while learning to make "waxed ends".  While working alongside my grandfather Steve and father Joe, I have learned  a craft that is as much art as craftsmanship.